Signs of Erectile Dysfunction: What You Need to Know

by | Feb 5, 2024

From subtle indicators to clear symptoms, gain a deep understanding of what you need to know about erectile dysfunction. Explore the potential causes, lifestyle factors, and available treatments.

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Introduction to Erectile Dysfunction


Did you know that in a population-based cross study, 729 men experience Erectile Dysfunction (ED) over the age of 30 in Singapore? Researchers uncovered considerable information about the prevalence of erectile dysfunction and its impact on the population.

 There are two main issues that are encountered in clinical practice. First is the inability to achieve an erection and the second is inability to sustain or maintain an erection. Common signs can include the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse, decreased sex drive, difficulty achieving orgasm, and premature ejaculation. Fortunately with surgery and the latest advances in minimally invasive treatments, many men can go on to have a normal sex life.

Understanding ED Types


There are several types of ED, which may require different types of treatment in order to rectify the situation.

Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction

Vasculogenic erectile dysfunction occurs when the arteries and veins that carry blood through the penis no longer carry blood correctly. This can occur because of narrowing of the arteries and veins or blockages within them.

Neurogenic Erectile Dysfunction

Neurogenic ED results from impairment to the nervous system. When the nervous system is damaged in any way, it can prevent the usual response to stimulation or arousal. As a result, you may be unable to maintain an erection.

Hormonal Erectile Dysfunction

Hormonal ED occurs because of a disruption in normal hormone function. Hormones can have a significant impact on arousal and erection, and when hormones are out of balance, it can make it more difficult to get or maintain an erection.

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological ED stems from psychological, rather than physical, causes. It can occur due to trauma, stress, or negative sexual experiences.

Risk Factors of Erectile Dysfunction


There are a number of factors that can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction, including:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Diabetes
  • Nicotine consumption

Some medications can also increase the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, older men are more likely to struggle with this problem.

Can I Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?


Here are some lifestyle choices and management options that can possibly decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction. For example, you may want to consider:

  • Reducing alcohol and nicotine consumption
  • Managing any ongoing health conditions, including heart disease or diabetes
  • Managing symptoms of anxiety or depression

However, in some cases, erectile dysfunction may be beyond your control. When medications increase the risk of erectile dysfunction, for example, you may need to maintain your regular medication schedule until you have a chance to talk to your doctor and discuss switching medications. Further medical treatment can also improve erectile health.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Singapore


If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, diagnosis and treatment can help you improve your overall health and return to a satisfying sex life. By working with a specialised erectile dysfunction clinic and erectile dysfunction specialist in Singapore, you can learn more about the specific cause of your erectile dysfunction and how to effectively treat it. In some cases, a simple medication can be enough to treat your ailment. In other cases, you may need options like an injectable medication that can help create or sustain an erection, testosterone replacement therapy, penile implants, or a vacuum constriction device. A combination of therapies or medications may be necessary to achieve the ideal results for your specific needs. An erectile dysfunction specialist like Dr. Manish Taneja, can also provide insight into the lifestyle changes that may help improve overall health and decrease further symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Reach Out to Supreme Vascular and Interventional Clinic for Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis and Treatment


If you’ve been suffering from erectile dysfunction, you do not have to suffer alone. The Supreme Vascular and Interventional Clinic in Singapore can diagnose your condition, determine the root of the problem, and provide effective treatment that can restore erectile function and allow you to experience a more satisfying sex life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

Learn more the signs, causes, and available treatments for Erectile Dysfunction that is right for you in this extensive guide.

Consult an Erectile Dysfunction Specialist in Singapore


Dr. Manish Taneja, a certified vascular and erectile dysfunction specialist in Singapore, has extensive experience in the treatment of all endovascular interventional procedures and looks after male health including varicocele, erectile dysfunction (ED), and benign prostate hyperplasia. Come in for a further evaluation and contact us to arrange your erectile dysfunction appointment today.

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