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Consult Thyroid Nodules Specialist, Dr. Manish Taneja

Dr. Manish Taneja specializes in cutting-edge treatments with advanced diagnostics to diagnose and treat thyroid  nodules. The Supreme Vascular and Interventional Clinic in Singapore is a regional destination for high-quality and compassionate care. We understand the concern and uncertainty around them. Dive deeper into the symptoms, diagnosis, management, and treatment of thyroid nodules providing clarity and personalized support.

There is a chance that the swollen lymph nodes indicate an issue with your thyroid. Understand what lymph nodes in your neck do, how thyroid cancer originates, and how to determine if there’s a problem.

Radiofrequency ablation aims to give patients a non-surgical option for treating thyroid nodules. This procedure is a minimally invasive option that a thyroid nodule specialist like Dr. Manish Taneja, can perform and offers various advantages.

Understand how thyroid nodules occur, risk factors, diagnosis, and the prevention of cancerous thyroids in order to make informed decisions when it comes to treating these lumps.

Explore the intricate role of the thyroid gland, its function, risk factors, warning signs, and the prevalent disorders affecting the thyroid. 

Thyroid hormones must be balanced at all times for the body to function normally. Even a small imbalance can lead to thyroid diseases, including hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Explore the critical role of iodine in thyroid hormone production and its widespread deficiency affecting up to 45% of the global population. Learn how this deficiency is linked to thyroid nodules.

Most may not be serious, but it is best to receive an evaluation to assess the severity and nature of the thyroid nodule. While exact causes are unknown, nodules can grow due to following factors.

Discover the key aspects of thyroid cysts, from symptoms to causes, and explore the importance of screening, accurate diagnosis, and the range of treatment options available at Supreme Vascular and Interventional Clinic. 

While thyroid nodules can occur in anyone, they are more frequently found in women, particularly as they age. Understanding their connection is important for effective screening, diagnosis, and management strategies for optimal thyroid care.

White thyroid problems typically requires medication (and in some cases surgery), some natural remedies can help improve thyroid health and work with traditional treatment to reduce symptoms further. Discover the best natural remedies and lifestyle changes you can try at home.

Caring For Your Thyroid Health

Have you ever experienced difficulty swallowing or breathing? You may have risk factors including a family history of thyroid nodules or iodine deficiency. Thyroid nodules are abnormal lumps (growths) within the thyroid gland, a butterfly-shaped gland located below your voice box. Even if most thyroid nodules are benign, 10-15% of nodules are cancerous. Sometimes overgrowth of normal thyroid tissue can lead to hyperthyroidism. In other cases, multiple nodules can form in the thyroid called multinodular goiter. Fluid filled thyroid cysts can be one type of thyroid nodule within the thyroid. More complex nodules may lead to thyroid cancers.

Depending on the root cause and type of nodule you have, patients can monitor with regular ultrasound or even have a thyroid fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAC) if required. Surgery to remove partial or whole thyroid gland can be done but thanks to minimally invasive treatments such as Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), this procedure can treat noncancerous and cancerous thyroid lumps.

As a vascular and interventional radiology specialist based in Singapore, Dr. Manish Taneja looks after thyroid nodules offering minimally invasive treatments, especially thyroid nodule radiofrequency ablation. Dr. Manish Taneja also has extensive experience in performing all vascular interventions, non-vascular interventions and interventional oncology procedures.

One of the latest techniques for treating patients, RFA of thyroid nodules is a minimally invasive technique with a small special needle under ultrasound guidance. Heat energy is applied using this needle and the nodule gradually shrinks in size. Come in for a consultation with our vascular specialist, Dr. Manish Taneja for the convenience that RFA offers over other treatments.

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