The latest neurointerventional / stroke treatments, innovative care, and our neurointervention specialist, Dr. Manish Taneja, is here to listen, understand, and provide personalized solutions for your neurointerventional needs.

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What is Neurointerventional Treatment and What Do Neurointerventionalists Do?

Neurointerventional treatments are performed to treat different problems that occur in the brain, spine, head, and neck. Neurointerventionalists use small instruments and catheters to go through blood vessels in your body to reach the affected area. This is done with the help of advanced imaging technology like CT and MRI scans to ensure precise treatment.

These treatments include repairing damaged blood vessels, preventing and treating strokes, and removing abnormal growths. They are minimally invasive, which means they involve smaller incisions and cause less pain. They have a shorter recovery time than traditional surgery. Overall, neurointerventional treatments are a safe and effective way to treat many neurological conditions.

The Types of Neurointerventional Treatment

There are several types of neurointerventional treatment we treat delivering services centered around your health. If you or a loved one is facing a brain, spine, head, or neck disorder, the Supreme Vascular and Interventional Clinic in Singapore can help for an array of complex neurointerventional treatments including brain aneurysm, brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM), stroke, carotid and intracranial stenting, head and neck vascular malformation, and more.

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Brain Aneurysm


The Supreme Vascular and Interventional Clinic offers compassionate and comprehensive care for brain aneurysm. Using state-of-the-art techniques, advanced diagnostics, and personalized approaches, our team is called to care and stand ready to assist you. 

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Brain Arteriovenous Malformation


Brain arteriovenous malformation calls for advanced technology, a neurointervention specialist, and an experienced medical team. At Supreme Vascular and Interventional Clinic, we use specialized procedures to diagnose and treat BAM. 

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Stroke Management and Prevention


With our commitment to your well-being, we provide a comprehensive range of treatments backed by the latest advancements in medical science for stroke. From advanced interventions to personalized management programs, Dr. Manish Taneja will work closely with you and your loved ones to create a tailored plan.

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Stroke Screening


Strokes are a serious medical condition that require immediate attention. Our clinic has a dedicated stroke screening program designed to identify individuals who may be at risk of a stroke or have already experienced one, even if they are not yet showing symptoms.

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Carotid Stenting


At Supreme Vascular and Interventional Clinic, we understand the significance of carotid stenting in reducing the risk of stroke, and we are committed to providing you with the highest level of care and safety. With state-of-the-art technology and a patient-centered approach, Dr. Manish Taneja will ensure that your treatment is tailored to your unique needs.

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Intracranial Stenting


For a special subgroup of patients who do not respond to medical treatment and have recurrent stroke symptoms despite best medical therapy, they are good candidates for intracranial stents. We offer a continuum of care for neurointerventional treatments such as intracranial stenting.

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Head and Neck Vascular Malformation


We are here to support you throughout your journey to vascular malformations recovery. Dr. Manish Taneja offers a specialized plan that addresses your specific needs for head and neck vascular malformations including hemangioma and lympathic malformations.

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    Other Neurointerventional Treatments


    • Brain arteriovenous dural fistula embolization
    • Spine arteriovenous malformation/dural fistula embolization
    • Vertebroplasty
    • Image guided biopsy of head and neck tumours
    • Cerebral angiogram (DSA)
    • Spinal angiogram

    Brain Aneurysm Resources

    Put Brain Aneurysm on Your Health Radar

    Did you experience the worst headache of your life? Could it be a brain aneurysm that ruptures, which means bleeding in the brain? Thoughts could be racing through your mind. Then what is the difference between unruptured (a weak or thin spot on an artery in the brain that balloons) or ruptured brain aneurysm? If you’re wondering, then the Supreme Vascular and Interventional Clinic is here to help. It’s important to look out for the tell-tale brain aneurysm symptoms, signs, causes, and risk factors.

    Dr. Manish Taneja has been performing brain aneurysm treatments since 1995 from surgical clipping to latest minimally invasive procedures. Each patient is unique as is the size and location of the aneurysm. Your brain has different conditions to treat the aneurysm and artery vessel walls of a blood vessel in the brain. This calls for personalised brain aneurysm treatment depending on your symptoms, family, history, medication, and more. A simple CT scan could be just what the doctor ordered and the first step in early detection and prevention of a brain aneurysm. Come in for an easy consultation with our brain aneurysm specialist to be on your health radar.

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    The Supreme Vascular and Interventional Clinic is your “go-to” facility for various neurological conditions and treatments. To arrange an appointment with Dr. Manish Taneja, our neurointervention specialist, contact us. You can also call us at (+65) 6904 8084 for a consultation.